The Charlotte Museum of History

Located at 3500 Shamrock Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215, in Charlotte, The Charlotte Museum of History offers a fascinating look at the history of the Mecklenburg County area. The museum’s exhibits are designed to engage visitors, and the museum also hosts several events throughout the year. Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, or a fundraiser, the Museum has an event space that will fit your needs. Charlotte Museum of History offers outdoor venues as well as indoor event spaces, making it the perfect location for large-scale events and intimate gatherings alike.

In addition to its exhibits, the Museum also offers school tours that teach students about local history, African American culture, the American Revolution, and other topics. Students will learn about the people who built the area and the events that changed the landscape of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The museum has a variety of programs that include school tours, family events, and outreach programs. All of these programs are designed to teach students about the history of the Charlotte area and the importance of civic themes.

The Museum also offers a free walking tour that explores the history of the site, the power of cultural memory, and the legacy of enslavement. The walking tour is led by Dr. Rose Stemlau, who will give you an informative and entertaining tour of the site.

The Hezekiah Alexander Homesite is the oldest surviving house in Mecklenburg County. The house was built around 1774 and is listed as a local landmark. The home site contains artifacts from the late 18th century. The site also features a reproduction log kitchen, a two-story springhouse, and a rock house. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The museum has several indoor exhibits, and they also have a beautiful plaza that is ideal for outdoor celebrations. The museum also features a variety of reception and function rooms, and the museum staff is very well-versed in wedding planning. Whether you are planning a small family gathering or a large event, the Museum will work with you to make your event a success. Learn more.

The museum’s exhibits also explore civic themes, like liberty, equality, and freedom. These themes were important in the early days of Charlotte. The museum exhibits illustrate how these themes have changed over time. They also show how the conditions of the past affect the community today. The museum is dedicated to preserving the past for a better future. The museum is currently working on a project to save the Siloam School, which was one of Charlotte’s last Rosenwald-era schools.

There is also an ongoing exhibit on local music venues. Visitors can learn about the history of the Rock House and its significance in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Visitors can also learn about the history of the Excelsior Club, which was Charlotte’s first African-American nightclub.

The museum offers several exhibits geared toward elementary and middle school students. The Museum Education Collection contains high-quality reproductions of real historic artifacts, and the museum’s archives contain genealogical papers and photographs. The Museum has also created a computerized database that records research done on items. Next article.