Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Dental Implants

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Dental Implants

Getting any kind of dental procedure done is nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, the longer people wait to get these procedures done, the worse their condition becomes over time. Take getting dental implants, for example. If you know that dental implants are a crucial step for your oral health, putting off the procedure will only make things more difficult when the time comes. Keep reading to learn four reasons why you shouldn’t wait for your dental implants so you can see the importance of setting up that appointment.

Protect Your Jawbone

Gaps in your teeth that remain for too long will eventually affect your jawbone, potentially causing deterioration of the bone itself. The roots of our teeth help to stimulate the jawbone, which encourages it to maintain its bone density and mass. Without these roots, your jawbone can weaken. Teeth implants can fill this role, but going too long without getting the implant can worsen the deterioration.

Limit Additional Teeth Movement

One fantastic reason why you shouldn’t wait to get your dental implants is that the rest of your teeth will continue to move to fill in the gap left behind by the missing tooth. A complete set of teeth keeps everything in our mouth in the right place. If you have an empty space from a tooth you need to replace with an implant, you risk the rest of your teeth shifting their position. This unwanted movement could create further oral problems that will take even more time and money to fix later.

Prevent Facial Changes

It isn’t just the inside of your mouth that changes when you leave a gap for too long. Teeth movement and jawbone deterioration can also drastically change the shape of your face in unwanted ways. The structure of your jaw could change, or your skin could begin to sag as everything moves around to fill in the gap. You can protect your face’s outer structure by getting your implant as soon as possible.

Experience Self-Esteem Improvements

While there are many physical reasons not to delay your implants, one of the best reasons might be to feel better about the way you look. A gap in your teeth that needs an implant can affect your speech patterns or the look of your face in a way that makes you less confident. Dental implants can help you feel better about yourself and get the need for dental work off your mind. Implants even look practically identical to natural teeth, giving you the option of telling people about the procedure or just enjoying the results.

If you need a tooth implant in Charlotte, the Engel Dental Center can make the process quick and easy. Call us today to set up a consultation and talk to a professional about your oral health concerns.

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