Mistakes People Make After Surgery That Slow Down Recovery

Mistakes People Make After Surgery That Slow Down Recovery

Having major surgery of any kind certainly can halt a person’s life for a while. The recovery process is long for some people. Some surgeries require very long periods of recovery for patients to return to normal life safely. Despite how difficult recovery may be, there are many things people can do to make it harder on themselves. We’ll go through some of the mistakes people make after surgery that slow down recovery so that you can know what you shouldn’t do.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor or surgeon wants you to recover as soon as possible, but they also know that there is a safe way to do it, even if it takes longer than you’d wish. If your surgeon tells you not to lift heavy objects, you should not test your limits unnecessarily. If your oral surgeon tells you to stick to eating soft foods only, you’ll only hurt yourself by ignoring their directions. Trust that your doctor wants you to feel better in the safest way possible for your body as a whole.

Returning to Work Prematurely

One of the most common mistakes people make after surgery that slows down their recovery is getting back to work as soon as possible. For many patients, being away from work for a long time can induce anxiety and fear, so they try to go back to work sooner than they should. Resist any pressure from yourself or others to return to work before your doctor says it’s OK. The added stress of work could make your recovery process drag on longer than needed.

Not Using Medications Effectively

The medications you get prescribed after surgery are sometimes just for when the recovery is very difficult. You may receive pain medication that you feel is unnecessary or an antibiotic that you don’t want to take for one reason or another. Skipping these medications without a doctor’s approval will almost always be a bad idea. You could endure more pain than you need to or leave your body open to infection if you aren’t careful about taking the right doses.

Staying Sedentary for Too Long

Contrary to what you might think, staying motionless for your entire recovery period is not actually a good idea. While some people try to do too much too soon, others will be afraid to do anything at all, even when they need to. Your recovery process could be compromised if you don’t use your body at all. Being overly sedentary could lead to muscle atrophy, ulcers, blood clots, and even worse if you aren’t careful. Once your doctor says you can move safely again, do your best to get your body moving whenever possible.

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