Meet Dr. Habashi

Dr. Touraj Habashi was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1968. He escaped from Iran along with his family after the Islamic revolution in 1981. He was accepted as a political refugee in 1982 and ended up in Nashville. He graduated high school in Monterey, CA and received a B.S. degree in Physiology from San Francisco State University. He attended the University of Pacific Dental School and graduated in 1996.

Dr. Habashi’s passion is practicing modern cosmetic dentistry, while using his skills to push not only his own boundaries, but his practices. At Engel Dental Center, modern dentistry is the number one goal, all the while keeping the practice at a high standard for excellence. Spreading knowledge and smiles is the mission.

Dr. Touraj TJ Habashi at Engel Dental Center
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Since he began lecturing and teaching at Engel Dental Institute in North Carolina, passing along knowledge has been a true passion of his. What began as an opportunity to work alongside a colleague, turned into a true enjoyment and growth practice. He now teaches graduate students the newest and intricate procedures known in dentistry.

His practice, much like everything in his life, is a passion project. He is continuously purchasing new instruments and appliances to serve his patients better, as well as taking continuing education courses to treat his patients better. “Continuing to learn your trade is what will keep you in business,” says Habashi. “Once you stop learning, you can’t grow.”

While delivering quality service and time to his practice, he enjoys giving back to the community that helped him to grow into who he is today. He continues to learn something new every day, and hopes to inspire and encourage his team, patients, and students to step beyond their bounds. Evident in Dr. Habashi’s life story, hard work always pays off!

His passion is the outdoors. He loves hiking, camping, kayaking, tennis, biking, jogging, and soccer. He is all about family and spending time with his kids.
Dr. Habashi’s philosophy is the same at work and life:

“ Treat everyone like family and always do the best that you can, because otherwise you’ll be cheating not only others but yourself. “

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