Discovery Place Science

Located at 301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202. Discovery Place Science is a science museum for all ages. It’s an exciting place for kids to spend an afternoon. They’ll love the hands-on exhibits, which will teach them about biology, marine biology, and more. There’s also an aquarium and an IMAX theater. The aquarium isn’t as large as a full-size aquarium, but it does contain several types of unique creatures, including sharks, jellyfish, and sea horses. If you visit during feeding time, you’ll see all of these animals in action.

Founded by Dr. Joel Oppenheimer, the Exploratorium is an interactive science museum that focuses on science and discovery. They also have a number of special exhibits, including Les Paul’s House of Sound, which features the artist’s guitar collection. You can also visit the Exploratorium’s galleries on Sundays, where you’ll have exclusive access to Sunday exhibits. There’s also a digital planetarium, an interactive science exhibit, and an area that lets guests solve problems using science.

Discovery Place Science is one of the most popular science museums in Charlotte. It’s designed to be fun for kids of all ages, and it offers plenty of hands-on activities. There’s an aquarium, an IMAX theater, and an in-house IMAX Dome Theater, which is sometimes referred to as an OMNIMAX theater. You can also visit the Kid’s museum, which focuses on learning through play. Guests can build a fort, explore a water play area, or even watch an object zip through mazes on a wind wall.

The Discovery Place Kids museum is a network of community-based children’s museums, which are designed to maximize the whole child. It’s been developed to encourage learning through play, and it continues to expand through public-private partnerships. They also have a special area for younger visitors, called the Treehouse of Four Seasons, which is designed for kids under five. There’s also a special science exhibit called the Nascar Hall of Fame. This exhibit features interactive exhibits, such as a museum of stock car drivers.

The Discovery Place Kids museum is also home to the Education Studio at the Bank of America STEM Center for Career Development, which is designed to support educator professional development. You can also check out the Discovery Place Outreach program, which offers off-site educational experiences.

The Franklin Institute, also located in Philadelphia, is one of the oldest science museums in the U.S. They’ve been teaching northerners about science for over a century. They also have a sports zone, an aviation display, and a museum of Franklin’s discoveries. Learn more.

The Children’s Nature Center opened in 1951 when a community pooled its resources to create a children’s nature center. Over time, it grew into the town’s most popular attraction. When the interest in the STEM fields became more widespread, the center expanded to include more interactive exhibits and a planetarium. They also expanded in order to accommodate traveling exhibitions.

Located in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Discovery Place Science is an exciting and hands-on science museum. It’s a fun place for kids to learn and have fun, and it’s one of the best museums to visit when you’re traveling south. Next article.