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Tooth decay is a common ailment, and it's necessary to treat it as soon as possible. Engel Dental Center offers dental fillings in Charlotte, NC, that are quick and effective, giving you a healthy smile again. We utilize the latest technology to identify cavities and fill them with stable dental, so we can take care of them before they develop into more severe issues.

Laser Periodontal Treatment at Engel Dental Center

Spotting a Cavity

Cavities are tiny holes in your teeth that form as a result of tooth decay, often due to poor brushing habits. At Engel Dental Center, we use a small device called the CariVu to identify even the smallest cavities and cracks in your teeth. This patented, hand-held tool utilizes transillumination technology to detect cavities in the teeth. 

With this exceptional device, we can spot and fill a cavity fast with little pain and stress on your end. We’re always looking for new ways to make dental care easy and convenient for our patients. 

What Are Dental Fillings?

Most often, dental fillings treat cavities that result from tooth decay. Fillings enhance the physical appearance of your tooth and help prevent future decay. We provide several types of fillings made from durable materials like composite, resin, porcelain, or gold. We’ll review all our options so you can be confident in your treatment.

Without dental fillings, tooth decay can spread to the tooth root and require a root canal treatment, which is more invasive.

The Dental Filling Process

Getting a cavity filling is simple, and your appointment will likely last less than an hour. The process includes:

  • We examine the decayed tooth and determine the best type of filling for you.
  • We clean out the affected tooth to remove tooth decay.
  • We mold the filling material onto the tooth, using dental instruments to ensure it matches perfectly.
  • We polish the filling to smooth out the surface.

Caring for Your Filling

Dental fillings are usually virtually pain-free. If you’re experiencing any pain or sensitivity after your appointment, speak to your Charlotte dentist immediately to ensure your filling is holding up. With proper care and maintenance, a dental filling should last seven to ten years. With proper brushing, flossing, and dental care, you can reduce your risk of developing cavities. Suitable dental care involves:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day
  • Get a dental exam and cleaning twice a year
  • Avoid too many sugary foods

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It’s never fun to have a cavity, but you can prevent severe tooth infections and keep your teeth healthy at Engel Dental Care. We’ll take great care of your teeth from start to finish, and you’ll be able to resume your daily routine in no time. 

If you need a dental filling in the Charlotte, NC, area, call the reliable team at Engel Dental Care today at (704) 395-5588. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation so that we can examine your teeth and answer any questions you may have about our services.

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