Charlotte Laser Gum Therapy

Lasers - the Leading Edge of Modern Dentistry

It’s estimated that millions of people throughout the country are suffering from periodontal disease. We use one of the most incredible inventions of the modern era, the laser, in our treatment of this common affliction.

Laser Periodontal Treatment at Engel Dental Center

Periodontal Disease

Laser Periodontal therapy is an important step to eliminating harmful bacteria and restoring proper oral health. In the past, cutting the gums to access areas below the gumline was the most effective option. While the results were good, they were limited.

Thanks to lasers, we can now offer periodontal treatment that is more precise and more comfortable than ever before.

Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy?

Lasers are a unique addition to our dental practice, and they help set us apart from other area dentists. Dr. Todd Engel and Dr. Habashi have the extensive training on laser gum therapy in Charlotte, NC, and regularly use lasers to get incredible patient results.

Laser dentistry allows us to perform treatments faster, more reliably, more comfortably, and with very little trauma to soft tissues. In some cases, laser periodontal therapy can be performed with minimal numbing because lasers are so efficient and comfortable!

Allowing tissue to be cut without using a scalpel translates to less blood loss during and after the procedure.

Taking out any tooth can be a traumatic event at the site of the extraction. To minimize the trauma to the surrounding tissues, Dr. Engel and Dr. Habashi regularly use laser equipment. 

Using laser gum therapy in Charlotte, NC, in tooth extraction procedures allows for tissue to seal quickly after the extraction and are extremely sanitary, lowering the risk of treatment-related infection and complications after extraction.

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