Charlotte Affordable Implant Supported Dentures

Tired of the Discomfort of Traditional Dentures?

Refine your look with implant supported dentures. Why stick with traditional dentures when you can get all the advantages of implant supported dentures?

Implant-supported-densture at Engel Dental Center

Issues with Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures may work for some, but many people complain about them vigorously. Typical issues with dentures include slipping out of their mouths, having to deal with adhesives, looking unnatural, clicking when they speak, and limiting the food they can eat. Our affordable implant supported dentures in Charlotte, NC, never risk these issues. Don’t wait to get quality dentures. The Engel Institute Dental Center provides implant supported dentures in Charlotte for premium quality at an economical cost. 

If you have missing teeth, and you have been frustrated by your traditional dentures, there is a leading-edge solution you need to know: implant supported dentures.

If you’re still having doubts about our implant supported dentures in Charlotte, don’t worry. Implant supported dentures are superior to traditional dentures for many reasons: 

  • Do not slip or move around, even when you wear them all day
  • Lock into place comfortably and are easy to remove at night to clean
  • Made to give your mouth a more natural appearance because of the high quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used for the prosthesis
  • Allow you to eat foods that you cannot normally eat while wearing traditional dentures

Not all dentists can confidently offer patients implant supported dentures because this type of surgical procedure is very specialized. Dr. Engel has the expertise to provide this alternative to traditional dentures thanks to his years of training. He has placed more than 16,000 dental implants thus far in his career and is sought-after as one of the most well-respected implant dentists in the field.

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Dental implant procedure at a 60% savings for Pre-Qualified patients.