Charlotte Advanced Dentistry

Improve Your Appearance and Restore Your Oral Health

We provide advanced comprehensive healthcare for exceptional results! Here at Engle Dental Center you will partner with leaders in the dental industry and benefit from state-of-the-art techniques and always enjoy with personalized care.

Advanced-dentsitry at Engel Dental Center

Our lineup of advanced dentistry services covers almost any issue that patients might have with their teeth, gums, or jaw. Bone grafts and dental implants are common procedures that contribute to a healthier-looking smile and a sturdier jawbone.

Dentures and all-on-four implants can completely replace an entire bridge of teeth, allowing the patient to have much more effective use of their mouth again.

No matter what kind of procedure you need for better dental health, Engel Dental Center can make the process quick and easy, alleviating any stress or worry you have about the process.

Dental implant procedure at a 60% savings for Pre-Qualified patients.